Open Positions for Senior Full-stack Javascript Developers and Senior Linux Embedded Software Engineers — Tanaza — Milan

Marco Papavero
4 min readJul 10, 2020

Can you imagine a world in which Wi-Fi is distributed democratically? Can you imagine a world in which Wi-Fi can generate cost savings for companies and improve real efficiency for its users?

Ok, stop imagining because it’s already happening.

Tanaza has introduced the revolutionary concept of software & hardware disaggregation into the Wi-Fi market, which is not new for the IT sector. For instance, Google and OHA did the same thing with Android, or Microsoft with Windows.

To accelerate software and hardware disaggregation in the Wi-Fi market, Tanaza has collaborated with multiple groups and projects to make it happen. In 2019, Tanaza joined the Telecom Infra Project’s Wi-Fi project, whose goal is to develop a disaggregated end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, consisting of access points and a cloud-native control/management plane which optionally interfaces to mobile operators’ core networks to enable mobile data to offload.

Recently, Tanaza joined Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program that enables network equipment manufacturers to build network hardware and software that is compatible with Express Wi-Fi.

Express Wi-Fi is part of Facebook Connectivity, a collection of programs, technologies, and partnerships designed to increase the availability, affordability, and awareness of high-quality internet access in the world.

To achieve such a complex goal requires an ever-increasing number of professionals with consolidated technical hard-skills in networking and software deployment. At Tanaza, we have open positions for Senior Full-stack Javascript Developers and Senior Linux Embedded Software Engineers.

At Tanaza, we create high-energy environments where our team members can thrive and grow as professionals. If you decide to work with us, you will have the chance to learn from our experienced developers and engineers. We have very supportive, attainable leaders and co-workers with extensive, market-relevant skills and expertise. This unparalleled team culture offers you a distinct network of respected people to work with, skilled in their areas, and leaders devoted to helping you get on board to develop the right software for our customers to succeed.

We have flexibility with working hours, so you can organize your workload and personal life in the best possible way. Moreover, we are equipped with multiple cloud software for daily operations management; thus, employees can work 100% remotely.

Have a look at our openings:

- (3) Senior Full-stack Javascript Developers;

As Full-stack Javascript Developers, your role will be to work in the Tanaza R&D Team to develop cloud-based applications using the latest cutting-edge frameworks.

- (3) Senior Linux Embedded Software Engineers;

As Senior Linux Embedded Software Engineers, your role will be to work in the Tanaza R&D Team to develop the core of the TanazaOS, a cloud-based network operating system.

If you are interested and would like to know more about technical requirements, benefits, and more, take a look at our detailed job specs:

Tanaza is an excellent company to work for. We take our team members and their needs seriously, as well as their desire to learn and develop their careers by providing them with the right tools and knowledge to carry out the work at their best.

So, if you are wondering what’s Tanaza…

Tanaza is an Italian company, with headquarters in Milan that developed the first and only multi-vendor software to manage Wi-Fi networks and Hotspots from the cloud. Since its foundation, our customer base and the team have been growing at a rapid rate.

If you’re looking for a young and energetic IT company with global customers, on its way to becoming the next Big Player in the wireless networking sector, you are in the right place.

Tanaza is currently developing a new cloud-based platform to configure, monitor, and manage remotely Wi-Fi access points, SSiDs, and Wi-Fi clients. The platform is based on TanazaOS, a powerful Linux-based Operating System compatible with multiple brands’ Wi-Fi access points.

My final thoughts

Working for Tanaza is simply amazing. Tanaza is the most exceptional choice I could have made in my professional career. The entire work-ecosystem created here is perfectly balanced. Colleagues and managers cooperate together, and a real work hierarchy doesn’t exist.

The project and the company’s goal is well defined: bring an end-to-end hardware and software disaggregation model into the Wi-Fi market. However, this is quite a challenge for us, that’s why we need high skill professionals like you to join our team. Tanaza has a perfect alignment between passion for technology, development, and networking.

Are you curious to know what are the open positions?
For more info, please visit Tanaza’s Opening Jobs.